The Most Interesting Place

Inkjet Print, Video Projection, and Audio Track

Collaboration with Anna Maria Balint and Marina Resende Santos

Entering into a large darkened chamber of the Hohensalzburg Fortress the viewer encounters wall mounted digital prints which are individually lit by a projection. The images are revealed in a sequence synchronized to a spoken text delivered on speakers. The text and images together tell a narrative sequence of four sites across the city of Salzburg, Austria. The text shifts in tone from descriptive writing to poetic statements and musings on the confusion of a unitary identity. The images depict surfaces, the meeting point of structural elements, and bodies attempting to enter into or travel over various surfaces and obstacles. The sites are distributed across the city including an angled glass floor surrounded by a small fence, a rough wall alongside a road, a large concrete tower with no openings, and a concrete dam. The work emphasizes disorientation and rethinks the positionality of the desiring outsider using associative thinking around resonant structures in the urban and historical fabric of the city.